Saturday, April 7, 2012

DIY: Silver Home Accessories

Have you ever bought or acquired great pieces for you home that just didn't fit in like you had hoped they would??  Here's a simple solution: spray paint!  My wonderful co-worker knew that I love elephants and instead of giving these to goodwill she gave these elephant candle holders to me and that was well over a year ago.  They've been tucked underneath a table in my entryway because the dark brown color really did not match anywhere else. I decided that if they were silver they would fit perfectly in my living room.  The horses are from the dollar section at Target (gotta love it!!) I bought one for myself and one to give to my sister. 

To prep these items I washed them and let them dry completely. The candle holders are glass and have a bit of a texture to them. If you are painting very smooth glass I suggest using sand paper to rough it up a bit before priming. 

Products used: 

1. Krylon Primer in Gray
2. Krylon Metallic in Brilliant Silver 
3. Box


Tip for a smooth coat: Make sure to hold the can at least 5 inches away, otherwise you run the risk of over-saturating an area which will create drips of paint 

Using a box will limit your mess and you wont have to fight with the wind blowing plastic or newspaper 

I started with the horses standing, when that dried I flipped them to get the bottoms.  

This one was just I bit too big for the box, but the mess was minimal!

 Finished horses! 

 Finished elephant candle holders.
(Vases were painted by me at a local paint your own pottery studio)

I think these candle holders were meant to be silver, not dark brown! Do you agree? Do you have any DIY projects planned for the long holiday weekend?


  1. wow, awesome DIY! I love elephants, as well! they look great!


  2. They look so good! I actually prefer them silver- You can see the detail a lot more clearly.


  3. This DIY is so cool, I love silver color! hmm I kind of want to silver paint shoes now :)