Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspiration: Home Decor

FREEDOM!! After a long, long, week of studying and composing, i finally completed two tests and a paper in the past 24 hours.  i can't remember the last time i felt so much weight lifted off of my shoulders!

With my newly found (and short-lived) freedom, i have finally have a some extra time to start a few DIY projects that have been waiting for me.  i promise to post photos after completion!  The past few weeks i have been scouring the web for inspiration and ideas to upgrade my apartment (on a very small budget).  i have been so lucky that in the past week a couple of free things have practically fallen into my lap!  They are both in need of a little TLC and could use a bit more personality. So that leads me here to this post, i'm anxious to share some of the beautiful inspiration i have found.
A similar shade of gray will be making an appearance in my apartment soon !!

Twiggy flower arrangements 

Chevron obsession satisfied!  Backsplash beauty. 

Bright Springy fabric from Joel Dewberry on Etsy 
(Check it out! Great prices and beautiful designs)

Peony wall paper from Urban Outfitters

it is amazing how these color dipped spoons manage to look so elegant! i love it. 

Original source is from Apartment Therapy, a must see! So many beautiful things.  These colors are so perfect. 

The modern rustic farm series: 

Love tall branchy arrangements in the kitchen. 

The velvet bench at the end of the table is such a cozy addition.

The chandelier is a surprising touch to this modern rustic kitchen. 

A perfect cottage kitchen. My ultimate dream vacation home. 

Last but not least, fun Easter project. Can't wait to try this one :)

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Hope you all are enjoying this weekend so far! What do you have planned?  


  1. I LOVE home decor.. it's so fun to get new ideas from different blogs and sites. The color-dipped spoons are really cool and an easy DIY!


  2. Nice pics!!

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  3. Those spoons are amazing! I love the floral fabric too.


    1. absolutely! totally considering trying it with charcoal gray and teal!