Sunday, February 26, 2012

Milan Fashion Week | Etro Men and Women

Up very early for a Sunday to start working on my lovely school work! But decided to take a little break to finally post my favorites from the Etro show in Milan. 

Etro Men
The men are taking over this post. i am so impressed and excited about Etro Men's RTW Fall 2012.
From the paisley printed jackets and velvet pants to the ombre fringe scarves i am completely taken! 

Photo Source:

My favorite men's look for last, subtle mix of prints, velvet and that ombre fringe. 

Etro Women

i have to admit, i was left wanting more from Veronica Etro for the women this year.

Photo Source:

What do you think about Etro Women's RTW Fall 2012?  is the color palette right on, or a bit dull to Etro standards?  Either way Etro has me dying for those paisley print leggings!

One last photo i snapped on Friday when i was studying at Starbucks.  Looks very similar to what i'll be seeing today  :)

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