Sunday, February 19, 2012

Palepepper on Facebook and bits of my weekend.

i finally had a chance to set up a Facebook page for Palepepper this morning. Just another way we can all stay connected in the blogging world. Love it!  

Yesterday i spent the day at the gym and working on school work as usual. After that i got to spend time with my aunt and cousin who were here visiting.  We spent some time at the mall and then had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. Had a moment to snap one outfit photo, luckily it turned out okay! i repeat my Charlton tee from Stylemint way too much, but its just so versatile i can't get enough of it! 

Friday i took Mulder to the dog park for a bit and he found the only mud puddle there. it was more like muddy clay than it was an actual puddle. And of course this was the only day he didn't want to hang out in the kiddie pool.  Ohhh boy was that a wonderful mess to clean up!!

Now i'm off to enjoy a little more shopping and some much needed coffee :)

Hope you are enjoyed your weekend! 


  1. Nice outfit!!!

    kisses from

  2. You look nice in that outfit and you doggie is adorable!

    Come to visit my blog and if you want let’s follow each other on Bloglovin, GFC and Facebook!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Love the black on black look, super chic! Loving your blog girl, I'll definitely be stopping by again! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. I love discovering new blogs!

    Sarah xoxo

  4. Nice blog!

    Wld u like to follow each others?

  5. Oh, I had a really cool weekend, a lot of fun and Sunday relaxation :).