Sunday, February 12, 2012

Outfit | First look of February 2012

Wow three posts in one day... can you tell i'm caught up with my school work? There's a bit of a winter chill passing through Charlotte right now, but i'm loving it!!  Today we spent the day running some errands. i wanted to go to the salvation army to see if i could find a chest of drawers to refurbish because i purchased a new electric sander last weekend! i cannot wait to use it :)  

We had to stop at my boyfriend's aunt's house this afternoon and i just had to snap a photo in her backyard. 

(Polka dot Charlton from Stylemint, sweater from The Limited, legwarmers from Hollister (old!) and boots from Steve Madden)


  1. You look so so cool, I love the whole combination, those boots are sweet looking.

  2. nice outfit!!
    i follow u!
    hug from Barcelona!
    follow each other?

    also join my giveaway!!:

    1. wonderful!!! following back :)

      Thanks a bunch!!!