Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six new items

Here are the newest additions to my closet and apartment: 

1. The white top is gift from my aunt. i wouldn't have chosen this for myself, but i really love the shape! it will be perfect for summer

2. The striped cardigan from New York and Company is a gift from my mother. This is perfect for my closet. i will probably wear this everyday come spring!   i love great finds from unexpected places.

3. i purchased this new area rug for myself  from Target with gift cards and money i received for Christmas.  i have lived here for over a year now and have been super picky while searching for a rug. Seriously i'm pretty sure i have looked at rugs online nearly everyday for the past year! When i purchased my orange couch in October ($50 craigslist find!) i had to force myself to start thinking neutral instead of  a rug with patterns and colors. i am very happy with my choice, i think it'll be wonderful when i'm finished putting the rest of my living space together. Now that i have my rug i can begin making curtains and a bunch of pillows to make the couches flow together better. i'm also planning on painting my tables and adding some type of embellishments on the edges. if you have any color suggestions/decor tips for me, i'm all ears!!!!  (the opposite wall is a golden yellow color)

4. i am absolutely in love with this piece and i cannot wait to get it up on the wall!  it looks small in this photo but it is about 3 ft x 1.5 ft.  i purchased it from Homegoods for $24.99. 

5. i bought this teal throw blanket for myself, but it didn't take long for Mulder to steal it away!  it was quite a steal at Target for only $9.99.  if they have more left next time i'm at Target i think i'll pick up two more, i think they are warmer than my comforter is some nights!

6. Last but not least some Valentine's Day decor!  i'm a sucker for the dollar section at Target, they always have super cute and cheap things like these velvet hear candle holders. i already had the heart shaped holders from a few years ago.. i can't remember if they are from ikea or Target though. 

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