Sunday, January 29, 2012


The internet is a bad bad place for someone who is trying to concentrate on schoolwork!!! Especially when my classes are online.  i just want to take a quick peek at lookbook or facebook and before i know it an hour has passed and i haven't even logged into my online classroom.

Which brings me here, i've been meaning to post this on my blog for a couple weeks now. A few of my favorite things i have pinned recently. if you have an account, follow me by clicking the link below. if you do not and would like an invitation go ahead and leave your email in a comment and i will send you an invite :)

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Can't get enough of these gowns from Elie Saab spring 2012 couture

This adorable little girl was a flower girl at a wedding. i can totally see her at my wedding! 

Absolutely love large plant like this in spaces and i love the rustic country feel of this kitchen. 

My favorite mix of country and modern. Modern chairs and lighting mixed with rustic table and vintage artwork. 

Favorite diy. Vintage votives. i haven't priced them yet, but there will be seriously CHEAP to make!

Perfectly dip dyed hair. i've been seriously considering doing this to my own hair. 
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Little something from my clothing wishlist. i don't find this practical at all, but i would just love to wear this to the beach or just lounge around the house feeling seriously sassy in it.
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Oh Chloe,  how you break my heart every time we meet.  i came across the Chloe section on Net-a-Porter yesterday and i loved every single piece. 

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