Friday, January 13, 2012

picplz app!

Since i do not own an iphone i sadly cannot not download instragram app onto my phone, but today i came across a the next best thing for my android phone. The app is called picplz and its pretty great!

Snapped this photo from the car on my way to work this morning! i love the buildings in uptown. (Don't worry, i wasn't riding passenger!!) 

Delicious oreo cupcake that was brought to the office today! There was a whole cookie on top but i ate it before i got back to my desk from the kitchen.  

i think i have procrastinated working on school work as much as i can for the day!  i have a ton of reading to do for my General Anthropology class. You know school has started in full force when you're spending the first Friday of the semester is consumed by school work!!

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  1. I never had an oreo cupcake, I wish I had one so so bad, but here it's impossible.