Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 goal two: Take the NSCA CPT exam

 And hopefully pass it on the first try! This is the most important and meaningful goal i have made for the new year.   Over the past 2 to 3 years i have gone through my own transformation and it has literally improved nearly every part of my life.    Now, i am experiencing an overwhelming desire to share my knowledge and passion of living a healthy lifestyle to others, so that they too can enjoy life and being happy with themselves

This book is just the first of three (600 pages!), possibly 4, books that i need to finish studying in order to prepare for the exam.  There are many certification programs out there, but after doing my research i decided that NSCA CPT was exactly what i am looking for. Eventually, i will be able to obtain multiple certifications and this is just the beginning.   Wish me luck!!!

Of course this also sparks many personal fitness goals for myself for the year, but i'm still working on that. Do you have any fitness goals for the year?  i think a majority of us want to lose weight whether its 5 or 20 pounds, but i think its much easier to make goals like being able to do more than one pull up or running a 5k or half marathon. 


  1. nice. x

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