Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wisconsin- No Snow!

Finally arrived! We left on Tuesday night at 6pm and stayed at a hotel in Louisville KY. Then we got up at 8am and got back on the road.  My plan was to make it here by 2:00pm on Wednesday and we pulled into my dad's driveway at 2pm right on the dot!!  Very bummed that there is no snow on the ground :(  There are some snow showers in the forecast today, so i am keeping my fingers crossed!  

i got back from my morning run this morning to my dad making some homemade biscuits and gravy. Since i can't eat dairy i didn't have any gravy, but my boyfriend was in heaven! My dad is a great cook. 

Today we're going to meet my aunt and cousin for lunch in my favorite city (Madison!). i'm hoping to bake some cookies or cupcakes later tonight because tomorrow i'll be out doing my last minute shopping!

What are your plans for Christmas? Do you have to do a lot of traveling to get your family?

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