Saturday, December 17, 2011

Polka Dots and Christmas Tree

Hello lovelies :)

Even though my tree has been up since Thanksgiving i have not had the chance to take decent pictures of it.  Last year Mulder chomped almost all of my glass ornaments off the tree, so when my mom was visiting we went to the Target and picked out a bunch of cute new felt, metal and foam ornaments so Muldy won't get hurt if he decides to chompchompchomp.  in past years i insisted on having matching red, green and gold bulbs but this year i decided to go wild with fun and bright. i love it!!!  Very unfortunate that my camera has a hard time focusing when the lights were on, but its so much prettier!

Very excited i received my Charlton top from Stylemint on Thursday and i actually wore it to work yesterday and then wore it again today, i love it!

(Top from Stylemint, Shorts from express (old), boots from Nine West, Purse from Gianni Bini)

The next three days will be busybusy. The boyfriend and i begin our road trip to Wisconsin Christmas Vacation 2011 on Tuesday night right after we're out of work!   That reminds me i need to start packing! (that was literally the first time that has crossed my mind-- yikes!)  They just got their first snow fall of the year last night, so now i'm super excited.  The temperature in North Carolina has been unusually cold also.  Last year we were in the 30s and in the teens at night, but the past few weeks the average temperature has been in the mid to upper 60s. it just doesn't seem like Christmas is one week away! 


  1. I love your Charlton top! Was it pricey?

  2. Thanks!! All of the tops on Stylemint are only 29.99 and shipping is free!! They fit really nicely and the quality is great.

    The only catch is that once you purchase your first shirt you've joined the monthly tee club, so they will charge you $29.99 each month and then you can go on the website and chose the top you want! There are new styles and colors each month, and you can opt out of being charged for the month within the first 5 days of each month.