Sunday, December 18, 2011

Morning with Mulder and Red

i have a lot to do today, but i decided to take my time and enjoy my gingerbread coffee in bed.  This is the morning ritual... alarm goes off, i get up to make coffee, and then Mulder immediately sprints from where ever he is in the house (usually the couch) and hops into my spot on the bed.  

i don't know what has come over me, maybe it's just Christmas Spirit, but all things red have been catching my eye lately.  Normally, i avoid red. i'm not sure why, i've been told plenty of times that red would suit me well, but i just have been attracted to it until recently.   Here's some of my favorite finds, thanks to Polyvore!!


(1. Romwe Tee, $31  2. Stella McCartney long sleeve dress, £665 3. Romwe Red Cape, $189  4. Romwe Woolen Dark Red Skirt, $74 5. Red skirt, $30 6. Red hat, $33 7. Zara wedge booties, $129 8. Red handbag, $77)

Oh i just can't wait to leave for my winter wonderland vacation to Wisconsin.  in the capital city, Madison, there is a great shopping area on the UW Wisconsin campus. State Street is not open to regular traffic, only bikes, buses and emergency vehicles and there is a beautiful view of the capital.  i'm just day dreaming of walking down State Street with that red cape, sipping on coffee and finishing up my Christmas shopping!

(Photo from Althouse)


  1. Lovin' all those shades of red! And the floppy hat. So cute!

    Have fun in Wisconsin & make sure to take lots of pics :)

  2. this picture is absoloutly gorgeous :)I LOVE it when it snows :D xxx great blog xx