Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The final hours of November 2011...

The months are just flying by this year. I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!  I'm so excited to start my making my homemade Christmas gifts for my family and even more excited to go home to Wisconsin for the holiday.  Ahhh sledding, snowmobiles, ice skating and drinking some yummy hot cocoa- it just isn't the same when you're not in a winter wonderland.

In other news, there was an awesome livingsocial for glasses frames and RX lenses from for only $49!! i totally had to gobble that one up.  Hmm now I have to decide which ones to order! I was so picky last time around that it took me five months to find my current frames. It paid off though, because strangers are constantly complimenting me on my frames and how well they suit me :)

i think i could listen to this girl forever.... and ever....

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